Hibiscus Gallery

The Hibiscus Gallery is located inside Pinecrest Gardens, where Xavier Cortada serves as artist-in-residence.  Through exhibitions and programming at the Hibiscus Gallery and public artworks in the gardens, Cortada uses the power of art to help viewers discover new ways of seeing and learning about environmental concerns. Inspiring them to better appreciate their connection to each other and the natural world, Cortada hopes he can raise awareness about pressing environmental issues, encouraging citizens to do what they can to protect the life currently on the planet, as well as the future generations who will inherit what is left behind.

The gallery also displays Xavier Cortada’s signed, numbered, limited edition prints which are available to the public, onsite and online. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these art pieces at Hibiscus Gallery will be donated to the Xavier Cortada Foundation to support a variety of socially engaged art projects.

For more information, please email studio@cortada.com.