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“90N” by Xavier Cortada

November 15, 2018 - January 12, 2019


Xavier Cortada, Ice Plate, North Pole Dinner Party (Miami): 90N6 , Sea Ice from the Geographic North Pole, pigment and glaze on ceramic plate, 2008



an exhibition of works created
at the North Pole in 2008

Xavier Cortada


Hibiscus Gallery
Pinecrest Gardens
11000 S. Red Road
Pinecrest, FL 33156


Exhibit runs  November 15, 2018 through January 12, 2019



In June 2008, New York Foundation for the Arts sponsored artist Xavier Cortada traveled to the North Pole, ninety degrees North (90N), to create new works and site-specific installations addressing environmental concerns.  Cortada, a National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic Artists and Writers Program recipient, had traveled to Antarctica during December 2006 – January 2007 to implement various site-specific temporary installations, including the “Longitudinal Installation” and “Endangered World,” to make a point where the Earth’s longitudes converged.  He also created a series of Antarctic “ice paintings” in response to what he learned from scientists he engage with in the residency.

The North Pole works included the creation of Arctic “ice paintings,” the performance of  the North Pole Dinner Party aboard a Russian icebreaker, the reinterpretation of the South Pole‘s “Longitudinal Installation” and “Endangered World” ritualistic installations at the Earth’s northernmost point, and the launch of Native Flags, a  participatory ecoart project.  Cortada created art at the extreme ends of the planet to address issues of global climate change at every point in between.


In the summer of 2008, Cortada used Arctic ice to create a series of Ice-paintings aboard a Russian Icebreaker as it made its way back from the North Pole.



At a time when melting polar sea ice had many focus on which political power control the Arctic (using the Northwest Passage shipping lanes and the petroleum resources beneath the sea ice), Cortada planted a green flag and reclaimed it for nature. To do so, he developed Native Flags, a participatory eco-art project that engages others in planting a green flag and native tree in their homes to prevent the polar regions from melting. Reforestation sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, helping reduce green house gases that warm the planet.  Learn more a twww.nativeflags.org

Xavier Cortada, “Native Flags | North Pole,” 2008. (http://nativeflags.org/native-flags-north-pole/)




Cortada highlighted the need to protect our endangered species by placing the names of 360 endangered animals  in a circle around the North Pole, each aligned with longitudinal degree in which the struggle to survive in the world below. Learn more at www.endangeredworld.org

Xavier Cortada, “Endangered World | North Pole,” 2008 (http://endangeredworld.org/north-pole-about/)



As he did in the South Pole, Mr. Cortada placed 24 shoes in a circle around the North Pole, each shoe representing a person living in a different part of the world affected by climate change. Afterwards, he approached each shoe and recited a statement from each person about the impact of global climate change in their lives.  Learn more at www.longitudinalinstallation.org 

Xavier Cortada, “Longitudinal Installation | North Pole,” 2008. (http://longitudinalinstallation.org/north-pole-installation/)



On June 29th, 2008, Xavier Cortada arrived at the North Pole to create ritualistic installations addressing global climate change and the melting polar caps.  One of Cortada’s performances included a ritual where he fed his fellow travelers pieces of ice collected at the North Pole, thereby integrating the North Pole into their very being.

“I figured that if they ingested a piece of the North Pole, it would become part of them.” said Cortada. “The North Pole water molecules would be swirling through their bodies.  The North Pole atoms would be incorporated into their very cells.  My sense was that after having North Pole communion, they would protect the North Pole.  If nothing else, they would do so for self-preservation.”


North Pole Dinner Party/Miami 2008: The Green Project | Claire Oliver Gallery


Xavier Cortada performance of North Pole Dinner Party at the Bakehouse Art Complex on August 14, 2015. (Photo by Laurie Fink)

Xavier Cortada, Ice Plate, North Pole Dinner Party (Miami): 90N_ , Sea Ice from the Geographic North Pole, pigment and glaze on ceramic plate, 2008


The Hibiscus Gallery at Pinecrest Gardens
11000 SW 57th Avenue
Pinecrest, FL 33156 United States
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