Passage” by John David Hawver.

Aqua Viva

a solo exhibition by

John David Hawver

Meet and greet the artist on

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 7 p.m.


Hibiscus Gallery


Pinecrest Gardens

11000 S. Red Road

Pinecrest, FL. 33156


Exhibition runs March 21 – April 28, 2019

Artist Bio

About John David Hawver

“Looking at a John Hawver painting is like being in a motion picture, cruising in 3-D down the Overseas Highway to the Florida Keys….But Hawver’s strokes do more than capture a literal landscape. The magic of his paintings is their abstraction, how he creates the illusion of something known, familiar, yet delightfully, uniquely his own. He crafts a teeming, bristling, kinetic world that is at once form-filled and formless, concrete and abstract, pure energy and pure stillness. There is also a life force, a power in his images that makes it seem as though the moments on canvas have personalities of their own, personalities captured at their most revealing: a storm surprised mid-bluster, a sunset caught disrobing, a cloudscape practicing a waltz.”

Vicki Sanders and Barbara Young,

John David Hawver, a well known regional artist, whose work is synonymous with Florida and especially, the Keys, lives and works in Islamorada Florida.. His paintings are filled with great expanses of water, enormous skies, leggy mangroves and vistas abstracted into pure energies of light and color.

Recently he has also been enjoying using pieces of his own imagery to create witty, mind-bending collages

As a child, he moved to South Florida from New York State, and grew up on, in, under, or around water, which greatly influenced his work. For years he worked in Miami as a commercial artist, but along with traffic, gave that up in the early 1990s to live and work by the ocean finding inspiration in nature’s design.

A graduate of Miami Dade Community College, and the University of Florida, he received a Masters Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Miami, and has taught at colleges and Universities in the area.

His work has been shown extensively in museums and galleries throughout the South, and is included in major, private, corporate and public collections throughout the world.


Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of making “meaningful marks.”

It’s about the dance of daubs, dots and dashes, squiggles, scratches and patches of color that work together magically to create the illusion of form and depth, space and time.

For me it’s the act of painting, putting paint on canvas, and the resulting surface, that becomes the most interesting element of my work. But it’s also important to me to create the personal experience of a particular place and time. The image is the platform to spring from, and I see it as a stage set on which the actors (marks of paint) perform. You see a landscape from across the room, see the place, and maybe feel the air and time of day. But walk up to it, and look closer . . . . It explodes into a maze of abstract marks and color. I’m fascinated by this magic world of space and color between illusion and reality.

While painting can be very rewarding, it requires a great deal of “focus” and energy. The “collages” are another matter. The “collages” are pure fun for me. I work with archival paper and canvas prints (Giclees) of my paintings and pastels. I take various elements from different images and move them around, like working some kind of imaginary puzzle created by my own mind. They are playful, with Kaleidoscopic imagery, stories inside of stories or coexisting parallel universes. Interestingly, the process is almost the opposite of my painting. With painting I take abstract elements, (daubs and dashes etc.) to make an illusion of a realistic image. With the “collage” I’m taking fragments of realistic images and using them as elements, (patches of color and pattern) to make abstractions.

Bottoms up” by John David Hawver

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