Eastern Indigo Snake – 80.15W


Xavier Cortada, “Biscayne National Park | 80.15 W: Eastern Indigo Snake,” 15” x 12,” archival ink on paper, 2010.



Buy your own signed limited edition print from the Biscayne Bay 80.15W series Titled for Biscayne Bay’s longitude, “80.15 W” features the 17 threatened and endangered species that call Biscayne National Park (in Miami, FL) home. In 2010, Cortada created the drawings on carbon paper, a metaphor for the impact (or “carbon footprint”) that humans have had on that animal, even across the boundaries of protected nature preserve. The works are in the permanent collection of NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

More Information About Our Limited Edition Prints

These prints of original artwork were printed in sets of 5 and are guaranteed to retain their value. Each print has been signed and numbered by the artist to ensure your limited edition is authentic.

Eastern Indigo Snake – 80.15W

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15" x 12", 44" x 36"

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Hand signed and numbered by the artist, limited-edition, Paper, Printed with archival ink


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